Saturday, April 30, 2011




"Thy mercies are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness."

Lamentations 3:23

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

California and the Triestmans


Eric and I flew out to California to visit Dan and Priscilla and company. We had such a nice time. One of the best vacations I have ever taken. At the time they were in Riverside, California, which was soo beautiful with flowers everywhere and 85 degrees the whole weekend.

There was also a two hour time change which made waking up awesome. The first morning we were there.. we took the kids and walked down to the donut shop and two equally awesome things happened;

First the lady behind the donut counter was just as bad at counting as I am and accidentally gave us 14 donuts instead of 12... why we were getting 12 donuts for 4 adults and 3 itty bitty children in the first place??

Second, as I was eyeing up the donuts, suddenly I heard Bobby behind me sneeze and then start crying hysterically, I turned around and he was standing there looking as devastated as 3 year old can muster, covered in snot, and for some odd reason his pants were no longer buttoned and threatening to fall down. Apparently it was an epic sneeze.

Riverside, California 083

What an awesome kid.

Later we went to a beautiful beach where I decided to go boogie boarding with Dan. The waves were big and crazy and I amazingly managed to collect around 20 lbs of sand in a swimsuit that is much smaller than anything my mother would approve of while the waves kicked my butt every time I made any attempt to do any boogie boarding. Some cool surfer dude walked up to me and was like "first time?" and I was like "Nah.. I'm pretty used to kickin' it on Cedar Island Lake..."

Riverside, California 011

The kids had a great time tiptoeing towards the water and then as soon as the waves got within 10 feet, they would run away with bloodcurdling screams and collapse safely on the sand by their Uncle Eric.. I guess they're more used to kickin' it on Cedar Island too..

Riverside, California 013 

Riverside, California 010

Starfish as big as my head.

Riverside, California 017

Riverside, California 020

D and P.... feel free to bring this kid back to me anytime!

Riverside, California 023


Riverside, California 021

Riverside, California 026

Riverside, California 031

My beautiful big sister.

Later we went out for fish tacos.. and then grabbed some gelato.. can a day get any better?

Riverside, California 035 

Too tired after a long day at the beach to walk.

We went to an citrus national park the next day.

Riverside, California 038

My favorite little orange thief.. eating the fruit was strictly prohibited, Hadassah had a new half-way peeled orange every time I turned around. I may or may not have eaten 25 to 30 kumquats, heaven in a fruit.

Riverside, California 044 

We went to the famous Casey's Cupcakes and met the Easter bunny..

Riverside, California 057  and ate the best cupcakes ever.

Riverside, California 050 

We visited Southern California wine country the next day, and spent some time playing in a park.

Riverside, California 062

Riverside, California 063

Apparently this is what the cool kids were doing....Riverside, California 064

And just to make his Auntie's day Rocky took his first steps walking from me to Priscilla! What a sweetie!

Riverside, California 068

Riverside, California 072

Riverside, California 074

Riverside, California 075

Pretty proud after his first steps!!

Riverside, California 087

And our last view as we left...

When I was hugging Hadassah good bye before we left and tears were streaming down my face Hadassah said " Don't cry Stephie! Sometimes I miss Grandma and then I cry too!!"

Anyone have an extra pair of tickets to California lying around???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dark and Murderous Secrets


yyyyyyy 042

There is nothing I love more than a good murder mystery. Nothing is more wonderful to me than a hint of arsenic in the afternoon tea. I first discovered Agatha Christie in 7th grade and I read every single Christie book in the library. My mom banned me from reading them for a couple months, fearing her friends and family would mysteriously start popping off with no explanation. I was like "really mom?? You are going to keep me from reading??"

Eric graciously let's me pick up a few Agatha Christie novels each time we happen upon a used book store. I have started to notice a theme.. it seems that each time there is an especially exciting game on TV,  suddenly we have to make a stop at the bookstore. I guess the three to four hours of dead silence seems like a pretty tempting payout! Eric is a very clever man.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Block Girls Weekend


In the beginning of April, all the Block girl cousins and cousin-in-laws got together for a girls weekend.

We had a wonderful time!

yyyyyyy 011

It took us a couple of tries to get this picture in our super cool matching t-shirts, setting up all of our cameras on automatic timers (who knew?? And I'm married to an engineer!).

yyyyyyy 010 

Apparently speed or timing isn't one of the wonderfully pregnant Sarah's many attributes, but it sure is funny!

Since we are all super mature the back of our t-shirts says:


Rumor has it we all missed that day in church about pride going before destruction and haughtiness before a fall.


We had pizza and a wild game of Pictionary on Friday night, poor Jill O. got stuck with the losers who couldn't draw.. or guess for that matter!

On Saturday we all went out to the Albertville Outlets and shopped until all of us but Sarah dropped.

Afterwards we got all dolled up and went out for dinner and a hilarious comedy show.

yyyyyyy 019 

One side of the table..

yyyyyyy 017

The weirdos on the other side of the table..

yyyyyyy 018

Doing their best to appear normal..if you only knew..

yyyyyyy 014


yyyyyyy 022

Apparently Anna had something a little more interesting to drink than the rest of us!

yyyyyyy 021

We had a wonderful weekend.. but it just wasn't complete without Marsena, Sember, Annie, Jill M., Alyssa, Lisa, Kris, Lacey, and Priscilla and soon Deanna!

Next year!