Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Royal Throne Room

I painted my bathroom in the basement last year.. or rather I started to and then my darling mother finished it before I woke up the next morning.. those Block women!

It turned out to be this very strange yellowish color which Eric described as a typical Indian bathroom in America.. he told me I just needed fake flowers and some carefully placed carved elephants to finish it off.

Soo.. I did the only reasonable thing and bought some sparkly metallic glaze to see if I could tweak it a little.

6,16,11 017

I was attempting to give it a textured look and started to develop a minor brain aneurysm trying to make it look just right until my in-house interior decorators came to the rescue.


Yep,this is them folks, a couple of winners, taking new customers in need of any type of advice daily!

Anyways, my in-house decorators came to the rescue and assured me that they approved of the look and then proceeded to give me a few little pearls.

Eric: "Uuuhh... Steph? Are you aware what people are going to DO in this fancy golden room??"

David: "Oooh, I am soo excited to spend some time on my fancy throne in my fancy new golden bathroom!!"

6,16,11 012

6,16,11 018

And then "Oohh great! Now you're going to blog about this aren't you!!"

I've said this before, but life is so good at the Varghese house!