Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farmer's Market, Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways....

We found the most amazing gelato ever, at the Farmer's Market.. you are probably fully aware of how great it is, by the entirely too happy look on my face! We ended up choosing salted caramel and raspberry rhubarb, a winner for sure.

After Eric took the picture of me, he asked to "borrow" the gelato, and I never saw it again.. I have a rough life.

More beautiful flowers.

Dan, you must come visit me and we will go to the Farmer's Market and buy cheese, they had so much delicious cheese! All locally made and aged like you wouldn't believe.

I love kohlrabi with a little salt, and I have been eating it like it is going out of style.

I bought a beautiful bunch of carrots, and have been waiting for my lovely mother to come visit, so I can make her favorite cake!

My Dad always says, "I like pictures of dogs", I happen to like pictures of beets. I also thought Naphtali would appreciate the beets.

Last but not least, Snappy Dog Salsa, extra spicy. So incredibly delicious, and it lives up to it's spicy name. It has Eric's eyes watering when he eats it, and he's an Indian!

All in all we had a wonderful time at the Farmer's Market in St. Paul. I had never been to any farmer's market before, and it exceeded my expectations. There are so many beautiful displays and fun people to watch. We have also suddenly become very healthy, with berries every morning, and squash and kohlrabi coming out of our ears along with every other vegetable!


  1. I LOVE the farmers market!! I've never been to the one in St. Paul though, so I'll just take your word and believe that it's just as good as the one in Minneapolis by the Twin's stadium.

  2. Nice blog!
    I do like pictures of dogs.
    I even like hearing people talk about dogs.
    I ate supper with one of the Schouten girls at the round table in the SBL kitchen.
    She works at a doggie daycare.
    I think she said the cost is $41 with a discount if someone has more than one dog--like it drops to $38 per additional dog. Cats are not allowed. Nor are ferrets.
    She said that nurture is more important than nature regarding the general attitude of the dog and she can immediately tell you what type of a family a dog comes from. Home school dogs tend to walk funny, also the boy dogs have a very low bark.
    Keep posting on your blog.
    Since we now have high speed I can actually read it the same day we download it.
    Your dad

  3. you made out like a bandit in the flower dept! we will have to go sometime. i can't beleive you have ben posting away and i have missed them all!

  4. the farmers market is always fun - we had our first of the season last week. I nabbed some beets and wild plum jelly. mmmm
    I'm curious, though, how Scoot's home haircut experience turned out for you all??