Thursday, February 17, 2011

London Bridges.. and more.



This really is the "London's bridges falling down" of the children's song!

I have decided to blog about our trip, already two months ago, starting from the end and going backwards!

While in England, we stayed in a beautiful town outside of London called Abingdon with Eric's kinda-sorta Aunt and her family, more about that later. While there, Eric's "Uncle" Dan took us out to London and brought us on a wonderful tour.

Here are a few pictures.

Big Ben


The beautiful Westminster Abbey where Prince William and the future Princess Kate will be getting married. It was impossible in such a crowded city to get a full shot of Westminster Abbey due to it's immense size, this picture does it no justice.


The Princess Di memorial walk.


At the time Princess Di died, I was only 9 and wasn't completely sure what the significance was. I do however remember this lady who was living with my family at the time sitting in her room with Priscilla listening to Elton John's A Candle in the Wind on repeat and using up kleenex after kleenex after kleenex! Oh the drama!!


In front of the Queen's Palace.. as close as we could get to it! She was home, she had her flag was up just like the royalty back in the 1700's to show their subjects they were home, and they were bringing in Christmas trees to decorate, which was pretty fun to watch!


Posing with a guard, yep it's true, they don't smile!


Last but not least, we saw this lady on the London Underground. What do you think her favorite color is? Yea, real mature, I know. Eric was aghast at my less than sneaky picture taking..

We have a ton more pictures of London, but I thought I would quit while I was ahead!


  1. Beautiful pics. So glad you are sharing. Since I can't see it is person, I enjoyed your view.

  2. YEAH- can't wait to see the rest!

  3. yeah - pics! you look adorable too. and i don't recall any drama............

  4. Soo fun to finally see some of your pictures!!!! :) I think London was the best part of my trip to Europe- looks like you enjoyed it too!

  5. The photos are amazing! I'll look forward to seeing more.

    As I was reading through I was stumped trying to figure out who the crying "lady" would be...