Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growin' My Grub



This year I decided to take the plunge and grow a garden.


Some baby cukes, to try my hand at pickle-making again, since my last batch was so wildly successful.

The only draw back? WEEDS!

I make myself go out at least once a week and fill up a full bucket with weeds and ooh boy does that bucket look big when I first start out.. I have been known to toss in clods of dirt and small dogs on occasion to get the job over with...



Some yellow pear tomatoes.

I'm like a kid in a very healthy candy shop, I have to check every thing three times a day to see if anything more is popping up!


I have yellow zucchini squash coming out of my ears already, which I am thrilled about.. Eric?? Not so much.


Red peppers.


Banana peppers.

And waay more. I have a little tiny garden patch with A LOT of vegetables.. especially zuchinni!

Eric is such a lucky guy...

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  1. You know, things would go much quicker if you actually picked weeds instead of taking pictures of them.