Saturday, July 9, 2011



Last weekend when we were visiting Baudette for Darby and Deanna's wedding, I was going through my Grandma's recipe box. I was pulling out ones that I wanted to copy down and Eric had the bright idea to take pictures of the recipes I wanted instead.


If you look in the top right hand of the recipe card you can see written "Roxy Wedding Punch". I thought that was pretty fun to find.

IMAG0239 I like all the notes she wrote about who the recipes were from, how good they were, and the fact that it is "OK" if the dough is stiff and dry.

My Grandma said this is the best muffin recipe she has ever made.

IMAG0235 She was ahead of her time with this recipe. My Mom said that  Grandma would always have missionary ladies over when they came to visit the chapel and have them teach her new recipes, so they grew up eating all sorts of ethnic foods before it was a popular thing to do.

I remember having this dish every once in a while when we were kids and just not being able to get enough of it. Then I found me my own Indian, he doesn't appreciate it when I tell him I married him for the food...



  1. what a great idea! Nice job Eric

  2. What a smart hubby you have. I have one too. Lucky us, huh? ;=)
    I'm gonna print these out for myself. Funny how her and our momma's all have that fast sloppy handwriting. :) I make notes on almost all my recipes too! Maybe short memories run in the family too.
    I don't think I've tried the muffin recipe ..but I can tell ya the cookie recipe is very good.
    When I got married Christa took Gma's recipes and printed a ton out for me as a gift (they're even written on the back of Park contact cards:)