Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Thoughts on the Vikings


Under great duress, once again I watched yet ANOTHER football game. It is never as fun watching a Vikings game without a 3 year old Carson screaming at the TV about one big conspiracy involving the refs, the opposing team, and the NFL as a whole whenever the Vikings lost, but I continue to watch.

Apparently everyone found last nights game very exciting, My husband practically lost his voice. I happened to find the game mildly interesting for a few reasons of my own.

First of all, why does Brett get to have different sleeves from the rest of the team?

09000d5d81b42a93_gallery_600Here is Mr. Favre and his sleeves.


Here is Adrian modeling what the rest of the team's sleeves look like. I'm so curious to know why Brett's are different. Eric completely lost all ability to speak when I asked him. Hmmm

Another thing, so everyone is soo excited about Randy, but really?? This is who we express our undying love to? This man soo badly needs a stylist.


Where is Randy's mother???


I also happen to be enjoying breast cancer awareness month and the visual interest it brings.

And last but not least, Jared Allen. Sans mullet, this man almost looks cuddly. Apparently he has some important job called a defensive end, I would think if your job is knocking people down, you would want to look a little more intimidating. Hasn't he ever read the bible? Samson and his hair?  His new wife must be something pretty special, if he is willing to go mulletless for her.


Allen with a mullet, and fu manchu, it really doesn't get any better than this.


Positively cherubic looking sans mullet.

Feel free to invite me over any time to watch the game! I'm super fun to watch it with!

All images courtesy of www.nfl.com/photos


  1. i will watch a football game with you anytime. i think we are on the same wavelength.

  2. WOAHHHH!!! I've never seen Jared Allen without a mullet! Shocking! Maybe Moss should take a couple hints for the cleanly cut Allen...
    Also, I'm so glad you've got my boo's (hey Adrian hey!) pic on your blog. So glad.

  3. Before you, Stepher, football (or any sort of athletic activity) was not in my genes. But I do really like to watch the Vikings, though I'm not as observant as you are. I had no clue about Brett having different sleeves from everyone else and I suppose I should just look it up in wikopedia to find out what a mullet is.
    I watch the game very carefully. With the help of the television camera, more often than not I can figure out where the football is--the quarterback's fakes always fake me out, though it seems just part of the liturgy of football for the defensive players. When we have gone to the Metrodome to see the Vikings, I'd be bewildered on every play if it wasn't for that big screen behind us. I know some of the types of players, like the quarterback, the center and the running back--oh, and the kicker. But I can't tell the difference between the nickle and the dime back and obviously, only a few teams could afford the half dollar back which, I suppose, is why one rarely sees them. Before Carson learned how to turn over in his crib, he knew more about the game than the refs and he was already insulted by the simplistic commentary by John Madden.