Monday, October 11, 2010

Pedro the Donkey


I have been working at a quiet little chiropractic clinic for a month or two now. I work a couple hours a week and I really enjoy my job.

So the other day, I was quietly sitting at my desk minding my own business, and I looked out the window and there was this crazy looking lady (with the best mullet I have ever seen) standing there with a donkey! She motioned for me to come outside and introduced me to her pet donkey,Pedro. Apparently she was a former patient at the clinic and regularly drives around town with Pedro in the front seat. I am not making this up!! She begged me to let her bring him inside the clinic promising me "He never poops inside, he's really nice!".


This is one of the Doctors I work for, with Pedro, and crazy mullet lady.

The clinic has two doctors, a father and son. The above Doctor, is the Father (obviously), and he is 73, and pretty quirky. After the little donkey episode, the rest of the afternoon he walked around the clinic muttering about Pedro the (insert biblical term for a donkey), it was hilarious.

Nothing like a good day at the office!


  1. hahaha! What kind of car does she drive to fit Pedro inside??

  2. hahah...great story! lovely way to start off my morning

  3. I've been saying we need a buddy for Scoot.. now I know the perfect one!

  4. Naphtali told us the story of Pedro, so I had to take a look for myself - what a great story!Driving around with a donkey...