Thursday, October 7, 2010




I really feel that that coffee and studying the Bible go hand in hand…

Lately I have been involved in a biblestudy with some very lovely ladies. We are doing a study developed by Nancy Rollinger. Nancy is one of my very favorite speakers because it is so obvious that she has been touched by the Lord in a special way. She has a heart that is so sensitive to the things of the Lord, and every time I have heard her teach I am struck by something new I have never even considered in passages that are already so familiar to me.

In our biblestudy we are doing Nancy’s series called Be a Quality Woman, which are a study on being a godly woman from the book of Titus. In our biblestudy we listen to the audio for the week and do the lesson at home, and then come together and discuss it. I have been so touched by the fellowship in the biblestudy, but not only that I feel that my thought life has been changed through the lessons I have been working on. I have found the lessons challenging and not at all  fluffy like I find a lot of women’s studies to be. I enjoy this study so much.

If you are interested in the studies here is a link:

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to do it as a group, I think it would also be great on a personal basis.


  1. yikes, guess i better get my lesson done for this week - thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I definitely put that on my list of future studies... needed that! Thanks for sharing!!