Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Party!

Last weekend we ended up having one big Football/Halloween/Birthday party! On the menu was bacon, pink cupcakes, and crepes, as per Hadassah's demand.

We found out some interesting facts like, my Mom sure didn't get a fancy party like this when she was 5! She was pretty sure she did manage to get a nice kick-in-the-pants from Rex and Randy though.

We also had some wild trick-or-treaters. I almost got knocked down by quite a few little girls trying to make it into the "Princess Party" going on at our house. We also managed to run out of candy, and all the tiny vampires and werewolves were very displeased. I was pretty impressed with all the 16-year-old moms (yes, "all the", need I remind you, we live in Coon Rapids) getting candy "for their baby". Veeery tricky!

We had a great time, and were so happy to be able to host it!

Some of the thrilled party attendees, enjoying Favre and company.


This is Carson and Chloe brooding about Favre. Midway through the game when they finally did put in Tarvaris Jackson, Carson basically screamed for 10 minutes straight when he made the touchdown.


Hadassah, a.k.a Princess-Fairy Godmother-Queen waiting to get the party started already!!!


I was able to pick up enough flowery-pink china for all 16 of us at the thrift store, and we decorated everything in pink.


The kids with their crepes and bacon.


Some of our more serious party-goers, Larry Sr. and Larry Jr..


Singing "Happy Birthday".


Bobby in his chicken suit finally finding a part of the party he could really get into.


Eric's dad getting his baby fix with Rocky!


A Viking's cheerleader uniform from Grandpa and Grandma!


Pink cowboy boots from Uncle Carson!


Getting ready to trick or treat as a cowgirl-ballerina!


It was a pretty exciting party! I took a lot more pictures, but these were just some of the highlights!

Also, just so David doesn't get his knickers in a twist, Hadassah got some pretty cute ballerina shoes to go with her tutu and a huuge pack of Polly-Pockets from him. Hadassah is still deciding who won the Best-Uncle-Ever award.

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  1. Sooo cute!!
    Maybe if you stop throwing such great pink pretty princess parties, the little girls wouldn't have attacked you at the door. I hope you have thoroughly recovered.
    Also, I want to see what you used those pink cut-outs from (you mentioned them in your blog about getting ready for this party).
    O lastly, you are you crazy and wanting to get woman-napped!??! Putting you address on the internet like that... shame shame ;)