Friday, November 19, 2010

Away we go!



We are off! We have already flown from Minneapolis to New York, New York to London, and now we are waiting for a flight to Kuwait, and then finally to India!

The picture above is our meal. A stroke above the cookies and juice on the last flight! There was even a chocolate and a toothpick!

So far we have been through security three times in the last 20 hours. I think the longer I sit on a plane, the more suspicious looking I get as I had to be thoroughly patted down and scanned for "suspicious items" (Eric says I can't say the "B" word, as they are apparently scanning the internet for cooking blogs with terrorist tendencies) on the last checkpoint. I considered making a scene about the racial profiling going on, but Eric said he would under no circumstances visit me in jail if I did so.

Now we are sitting in the London airport and Eric is enthralled by the British accents. He has been trying to talk like a native, and is falling terribly short. He is reading over my shoulder as I type and just said "what do you mean trying to talk??".

Time to fly to Kuwait!

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  1. This is tooo funny!!!
    I feel your pain about the B word (sometimes just for kicks I have thought about saying it in an airport to see if anything would really happen...), racial profiling in airports (try changing your first name to Malaika. Everytime I fly, I wish it was shaniqua, latifia, monique, lafawnda, etc. etc. Malaika Muvundamina- arabic and swahili- just doesn't fly as an american traveller!), and British accents!
    Praying you guys have a wonderful trip!!!