Friday, November 5, 2010

Making a list, checkin' it twice!

We are on our way to the Motherland ( his, not mine, I think I'm German??), in 2 weeks! We got our shots, visas..almost, and let's see, we only have one million more things to do!

Here's all my drugs:


I was so mortified, I had to walk up to the counter and say, "umm, I have some extra strength anti-diarrheal medication to pick up...".

Yep, apparently it is of utmost importance to have this along, no over the counter stuff is good enough for India. Then I had to get Malaria pills, some heavy duty bug repellent so I don't get Dengue fever, and shots for everything you can think of including Hepatitis A, Typhoid, a Polio booster, and more. Oh boy.

My Doctor also recommended this. Notice they sell T-shirts!! Apparently one time she had a mishap with the squatty potties there, and lost her pants to the depths below. Does anyone remember that scene from Slumdog Millionaire? Well if you were denied the privilege of seeing this, here is a link slowed down and put to some pretty great music. It is almost worth watching to get the full effect. (This post has suddenly gone downhill at a frightening speed.)

Last but not least, a present for Felix. If you have not tried these, once you do, you will realize your life has been devoid of pleasure thus far.


There is a possibility these will never arrive in India, I don't have a huge amount of self control. Sorry Felix!


  1. ALL THOSE DRUGS!!!! you're a brave girl, stephie poo. i'm getting nervous for you!! HAHA....i just realized "stephie poo" may take on a new and way more funny meaning!!! hahahahaha

  2. Praying you have a GREAT trip!!!
    Btw, I think this post made me chuckle and that clip from slumdog is definitely one of my favorite parts of the video.

  3. Oooo, so I just clicked the link of what your Dr. suggested. HILARIOUS! Trust me, I'll be buying one before I head to Africa.... Wish I remembered a few other things to suggest you bring when I saw you last weekend!

  4. So I just got back from Deer Camp up north (where some of these meds should be enforced to bring also) and missed your post, but I heard about the trip! Hope you have a terrific time, and that nothing happens to you in the bathrooms!! ;)