Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twins 2010


As we near October, the likelihood of attending another Twins game lessens.

This year was especially exciting with the new field. It really is an awesome stadium (can I call it that?), yea maybe as Minnesotans we could have found something better to do with our money, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The view, especially at night, of the skyline is beautiful. The food is wonderful and there are so many options, try the asian stand, and the amazing icecream!! Also.. during cold games, the bathrooms are heated!! (I know, gross, but for real some of the games were COLD!) The only down side to Target Field is it’s so crowded and hard to get tickets! The Metrodome was great for being empty and cheap!


I may or may not have spent some extra time in the bathroom during this game..:)


VERY excited to be so near to the brand new Target Field!


They were soo excited about the REAL grass, and some guy even gave them a sample. :) Weirdos.


Oh Kirby…


I’m really feeling this baseball as my new career.


We looked super cool at this game with our free hats!


Eric lost a bet this day and had to buy and wear a white sox shirt to the game. He was veeerrryy frustrated and David was thrilled.


David said he really wanted a picture of the skyline. Hmmmm

It has been a super fun year, maybe we will be able to fit one more game in before the end of the season!

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  1. I'm so jealous of all the people in MN right now and being sooooooo close to Target Field! Soo jealous. Enjoy your time at cheering on the Twins!!